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Group or Individual Scoring of Collaborative Assessments?

Assessing Collaborative Projects: Group or Individual Scoring?

In Chapter 14: Managing Assessment of Interaction and Collaboration, Oosterhof, Conrad, & Ely (2008) discuss the challenges associated with evaluating collaborative projects. There is a great deal of research surrounding this topic and best practices for instructors in terms of creation, management and assessment. For this week’s discussion, you will pose an argument for group scoring or individual scoring based upon your discussion group. Be sure to use include information gained from the other learning resources highlighted this week.


Last names A-M will post in forum #1 (for group scoring); last names N – Z will post in forum #2 (for individual scoring)

For additonal information, you may click on the link provided to view a short video from a student’s perspective regarding collaboaritive planning. The video can be viewed by selecting:

You will be evaluated based upon the discussion rubric attached: Rubric for Discussion Board Wk7 Assignment


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please see me as soon as possible!!


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